TheHotBoysWorld.com invade the Greater Palm Springs Pride 2008

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Mission Statement

The primary purpose for which this corporation is formed are to the public education and public awareness of the personal rights and civil liberties of the Lesbian/Gay/Trans-gendered/Bisexual Community, and to engage in activities therefore.

A word from Denise Goolsby:
Our Community, in all of its diverse glory, steps forward in unison to continue the proud tradition of Pride in the Desert. The spirit of cooperation reaches new heights, as groups of individuals create an enormous "home team," where teamwork truly takes center stage. The goal that we pursue, the "victory" that we strive for, the ideal that we hope to achieve may seem elusive at times, but is the very heart of the event.

Across the board, over the boundaries of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, Greater Palm Springs Pride seeks to bridge the gap, by encouraging tolerance and understanding. As the weekend folds into history, how do we know whether or not, after all is said and done, that our Pride event has been a success?

I suppose there are any number of yardsticks by which to measure its merits: number of festival revelers, amount of money generated through fund-raising efforts, number of vendors in attendance, etc. These are some ways that we can assign worth to our efforts. Obviously, fiscal responsibility, budgeting, and the ever important bottom line, are necessary points of concern, and are absolutely instrumental in moving the planning process along the continuum from point A to point B.

With the above being "a given," we must now turn our attention to what is really important, and what is the true measure of success: Taking part. The intrinsic value that we obtain as a result of being an active participant in this celebration of community is priceless. Inclusiveness and acceptance are the real gifts that we give to one another when we participate. Through our participation, we share a part of ourselves.

The City, festival organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and ultimately, our guests and visitors, each play a key role in contributing to the "Pride" that emotes from our event. Pride: self-respect, self-esteem; gratification arising from association with something laudable. Pride is what we have in ourselves, and, like so many things in life, becomes more meaningful when shared, and when enjoyed in the company of others. And when the music from the Main Stage has faded into the night, and the last Parade participant has journeyed down Palm Canyon Drive, take a moment to look back upon the scene. It is you who have left a mark upon Greater Palm Springs Pride, by your presence and your dedication to community.

- Denise Goolsby

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